Skunk Stripe Hair Wigs - The Trend In 2022

What is skunk stripe hair?

Think of what a skunk looks like before you figure out what a skunk stripe hair really looks like. The most common skunks usually have a fur color of white and black. The skunk strip hair is a two-tone hairstyle or half hair color is usually shown as a warm white and black mix. The hair also needs numerous colors involved. So in simple terms, skunk hair is a color trend in which two individual tones are incorporated into the hair, but are completely separate from each other.  The clear contrast between the two colors is the main thing that makes this hairstyle unique.



It is worth mentioning that skunk hair isn't a relatively new trend; it has always been there, it's only that it is now becoming more popular than ever. You can choose to go for a series of colors. It can be done with a singular peek-a-boo streak beneath the first layer of the hair, at the back of the head, or with singular, face-framing highlights.



The Reason Why That Skunk Stripe Hair Goes Viral

1. The Skunk Stripe hair is bold and innovative. Tiktokers are the pioneers of hair colors and hairstyles, this hair color is perfect for someone who loves trying new hair colors.

2. Easy to get. There are tons of YouTube tutorial videos to help you get the skunk hairstyle at home by yourself.

3. Less trouble maintaining the hair. The skunk stripe hair can be styled into a color streak in front of the hair, which is easy to maintain the color since the technique is not complicated.

4. And it's friendly for people who are afraid of a full coloring change. You can dye the stripes of your hair to give it a try and see how it goes.




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